Tax Compliance

As the emphasis on tax compliance increases globally, so does the burden on businesses to understand and manage the myriad tasks involved in complying with various tax obligations. One way to improve a company’s tax obligations. One way to improve a company’s tax compliance is to properly plan for taxes, accurately compute the right tax and remit the same to the right place at the right time.

Impact of non-compliance

Tax arrears, penalties and interests can bankrupt and collapse any business of whatever size. Companies and organizations therefore, more than ever, need to exercise prudence in dealing with tax issues. Developing of tax efficient structures and implementing effective tax planning measures and managing the dynamic tax risks will soon be the only way out to survive increased scrutiny from the revenue authorities while at the same time safe guarding a company’s wealth.

What we offer

We provide insight on how your business can honor their respective obligations towards the tax requirements.

  • Computing current business tax liabilities
  • Assistance with preparation and filing of provisional tax estimates
  • Preparing and filing of final income tax issues relating to income tax compliance
  • PAYE, VAT and WHT compliance